Thursday, February 23, 2012

Backyard Before and After

After almost four years living in the same house, I feel like most of my original DIY projects are done.  It is kinda sad, because I love me some DIY.  But also you have to feel a sense of accomplishment.  One of the final projects on the list was the backyard.  It was finally finished last summer, and I never shared the results with you all.  I thought you might enjoy a little summer inspiration in February.

The previous owners had installed a wooden deck right outside of the backdoor.

It was a small space, and hadn't been well cared for.  I was determined to get rid of the wood, and instead have a nice patio space for outdoor entertaining.  After surveying the project, it was determined that this may be one for the professionals.  So a landscape architect was hired and I must admit, it was much more enjoyable to watch from inside.  There were some hot days last summer!

Here is the final result...many weeks later.  Looking forward to summer yet?


  1. Great job! I know that is a lot of work! Definitely looking forward to Summer now!

  2. Thanks, me too. Summer sounds great right now!