Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double Duty: Guest Room and Sewing Space

Many of us need rooms that can serve many functions.  I have recently made a few inexpensive and easy changes to help my guest room double as my studio space.  I love to have a comfortable space for guests to relax, however it seems that my guest room is only used a few times per year.  Perhaps that says something about me...haha.  Either way, I don't want to dedicate a whole room to one purpose that gets little use.  So here are a few ideas that could help to make your room multi-purpose.

Ready for Guests

The first change I made, was to put the bed lengthwise against the wall with lots of pillows.  This allows the room to still accommodate a full size bed, while opening up floor space.  I also like how it gives a daybed/couch feel to the space.
The second adjustment was to find a stool that could double as a bedside table.  The Marius Stool from IKEA was the perfect solution. It was only $5.99 and provides plenty of space for an alarm clock, book, or glass of water.
Third, I chose a wall mounted bedside light that didn't take up floor space.

Other side- In Guest Room mode
When I am anticipating guests, everything is put away.  The sewing machine is covered and pushed to the back of the table, and my rolling storage cart is tucked neatly under the table.

Sewing Room
The majority of the time, this is how the room looks.  But it is nice to know, that when a place for guests is needed, I am ready.


  1. I'm pondering a guest-room space in my home too, so thanks for the ideas!!

  2. You are welcome...hope you can us at least 1 or 2 ideas!

  3. I like how you were able to arrange your things to use the room both ways. You must be very organized.

  4. Thanks so much! I do try to be organized. But I must admit, the room doesn't always look that good. However everything does have a place where it long as I put it there we are in good shape.