Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Master Bathroom Makeover- The Details

The master bathroom mini makeover is complete!  The before and after photos have been taken.  The countertop decision was made and the beautiful marble was installed.  Overall it was a pretty small, problem free reno.  Which I must admit is not the norm around here!

Originally the plan was to remove the large, builder grade mirror, and tile the wall behind it with a mosaic glass tile.  But the more I thought about it, the more removing the mirror, which was securely glued to the wall seemed like a whole lotta work!  However, I needed to incorporate the tile, because it was the design piece that tied the gray/white marble to the beige floors (which I didn't want to replace).  So after scouring the Internet for ideas, I decided to glue a tile border to the mirror.  It worked great, and saved money as less tile was needed for the job.

Glass 12x12 mosaic tile was cut in thirds and glued to the mirror with clear silicone adhesive.  No grout was added to create a more dimensional look, and as not to add weight to the tile.

Finally accessories were added.  These two glass jars with cork stoppers were $1.75 from the thrift store. I filled them with cotton balls and all the little bars of soap I had collected from my past hotel stays.  I like the texture and interest they add, and they were free.

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