Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Pinterest Challenge- Old Spring Bud Vase

It is Pinterest Challenge time again...woohoo.   In honor of the "winter" edition, I decided to go totally opposite and complete a spring like project (yes, that was a pun).  I am crazy like that.  My pinspiration was this glass bud vase made from an old bed spring by Junk Revolution.

Old bed spring vase holder
Junk Revolution
My version only required 3 things...

Simply fill the test tubes with water, and place the tubes into the spring.  Move them around until they are balanced.  My spring was plenty strong to support the weight of all three tubes.

A few beautiful flowers, and it certainly feels like spring (sorry, it is just too easy).

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  1. I like your version even better than the inspiration! Great job.

  2. So pretty! Where do you find test tubes?

    1. I bought them from a flea market. But I'm sure you can order new ones online.

  3. Replies
    1. was really easy to put together.