Friday, December 10, 2010

Inspire: Red and Green

Today's inspiration: House Vintage Fruit Pillow
Size: 16x16

Front: Vintage cotton fruit patterned fabric
Back: Green and white polka dot
Available:  The White Rabbit

Inspiration Board

1.  Ulidum Rug- IKEA $249.00
2.  Gulliver Crib- IKEA $99.99
3.  Yoda- ZGallerie $39.95
4.  Circles Black- Warehouse Fabric Inc. $6.98/ yd
5.  Canopy Chartreuse/ White- Warehouse Fabric Inc. $6.98/ yd
6.  Hatfield Grellow Rocker- CB2 $199.00
7.  House Vintage Fruit Pillow- The White Rabbit $16.00
8.  Stockholm Blad Curtains- IKEA $59.99
9.  Angelique Mirror- ZGallerie $349.00

Note:  These ideas are just that...ideas.  They are meant to inspire you and are not an endorsement of the product or the store. 

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