Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspire: Orange

Today's inspiration: House Vintage Quatrefoil Octopus Pillow

 Front                                                Back

Front:  Vintage blue linen with quatrefoil applique
Back:  New orange cotton octopus pattern

Inspiration Board

1.  Hand-tufted Erima Brown Wool Rug- $222.99  
2.  Starfish Bowl– SilverZGallerie $24.95
3.  Terrace Breeze/Linen Fabric- Warehouse Fabrics Inc. $ 9.98  
4.  Annie Sweet Potato/ Natural Fabric- Warehouse Fabric Inc. $6.98
5.  2x2 Console Desk- West Elm, $299.00 
6.  Wood Leg White Accent Chairs  (set of 2)- $209.99
7.  Kulla- IKEA, $49.99
8.  Quatrefoil Mirror-  Ballard Designs $99.9

9.  Gelato Frames-  ZGallerie $12.95-$19.95 
10.  House Vintage Quatrefoil Octopus Pillow- The Blue Moon Trading Co. $12.00
Note:  These ideas are just that...ideas.  They are meant to inspire you and are not an endorsement of the product or the store.

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