Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Creating a Special Spot- The $100 Challenge

I decided last summer that the hand-me-down futon in the sunroom had run its course. It needed to be replaced with a multi-functional piece of furniture.  I needed a place to sit, and additional storage.  I also had to keep my dog in mind.   My dog had taken this spot over as her official day-time post.  The spot allows for ample squirrel observing and yard monitoring. My first thought was to buy a bench.  However, most benches were too short to fill up the entire wall.  And the benches that were long enough were too expensive.  Also I didn't think a bench would be wide enough for the pup.  Did I mention I only wanted to spend $100 total on this update?   A trip to one of my favorite stores, IKEA, put a new idea into motion.
Sniglar Bed IKEA

This child's bed had the perfect dimensions, and for $60 I didn't feel bad about altering it.  So that bed became....

  1. Art- Metal sun purchased on sale for $10.  Spray painted yellow.  Total: $13
  2. Pillows- I made them because it is cheaper than buying them.  Shopped discount fabric bins for the larger pillow fabrics.  1 yard is plenty of fabric to make a large pillow.  I really loved the patterned fabric for the small pillow in front, but it was expensive (at least to me) at 7.99 a yard.  So I only bought a 1/2 yard of that and made a smaller pillow.  Total: $20
  3. Bench- Child's IKEA bed, painted with leftover chocolate brown paint.  Total: $60
  4. Cushion-  We put the old futon frame on the curb (it had a new home in less than 5 minutes!), but the old mattress became the cushion.  It took about an hour of cutting, but it was worth it because thick foam is expensive.  I sewed a cover for the cushion out of an old shower curtain that I already had.  Total: $0
  5. Storage- The space beneath the bench is a great place for extra storage.  See how I DIY'd these containers here. Total: $3
As you can see a functional spot for less than $100...

and my dog was very happy!

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