Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspire: Outdoor Living

Today's inspiration: House Vintage Vera Neumann Butterfly Pillow

Front                                                                  Back

Front:  Vintage Vera Neumann Butterfly Napkin
Back:  New black and white stripe fabric
Available: Etsy  (see sidebar)

Inspiration Board

  1. Petula Doormat- Crate and Barrel $36.95
  2. Pedestal Daffodil Side Table-  Crate and Barrel  $39.95
  3. Lucky Lapiz Fabric-  $11.98 per yard
  4. Media White/Black Fabric-  $6.98 per yard
  5. Picnic Cooler- Crate and Barrel  $49.95
Note:  These ideas are just that...ideas.  They are meant to inspire you and are not an endorsement of the product or the store.


  1. Pretty, pretty! Found you over at the mood board link up. Your board is getting me excited for spring...too bad we still have snow everywhere over here in NY!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

    1. We can at least dream of the warmer weather...right?!