Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY- Shower Upgrade

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a huge difference.  Swapping your current showerhead for an upgraded model is a cheap way to feel like you are in a whole new bathroom.  Did I mention it is easy?  I'll walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Go shopping
Gotta love a project that starts with a little retail therapy!  When searching for a new showerhead consider head design and spray pattern.  Showerheads typically come in two different styles, fixed (mounted to the wall), or hand held.  Within these two styles are a multitude of combinations including dual shower heads and rain showerheads.  Also don't underestimate the importance of the showerhead's spray pattern.  Many models feature variable patterns that can be selected by turning a dial to customize your shower experience.  The right shower head can also correct low water pressure issues.  Finally consider a low flow option to help you conserve water. 

 Spray Patterns

Spray Patterns: Full Body Spray, Massaging Pulse Spray, Power Sprays, Mist Sprays, Drenching Rain Spray, Combo Spray
via The Home Depot.com

I opted for a hand held model with 8 adjustable spray patterns.  I found mine at HomeGoods, and because I had a gift card....it was free!

Step 2:  Remove old showerhead.
Simply unscrew your old showerhead.  I didn't even need tools for this step.

Step 3: Remove existing Teflon tape.


Step 4: Apply new Teflon tape.
New tape should come with your showerhead.  Wrap the tape around the threads a few times. 

Step 5:  Mount Hardware.
Follow the directions on the package, as installation may vary depending on your showerhead.  For my model, I attached the rubber "o" rings and screwed the cradle into place.  To tighten, I wrapped my new showerhead in a towel before using an adjustable wrench to keep from scratching the finish.

Step 6: Enjoy your Upgraded Shower.

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