Thursday, October 20, 2011

Five Under Five- Halloween Decorations

I really feel bad for Halloween.  When it comes to decorating, it seems to get passed over in favor of other holidays like Christmas.  The stores can't wait to get rid of their Halloween supplies, and you often see x-mas trees displayed right next to pumpkins and costumes.  I personally love Halloween, and am sharing five cheap ways to make your house spooktacular!

1.  The first idea comes from the Halloween Queen herself, Martha Stewart.  Simply use this template to cut out a spooky shape.  Affix to the inside of a lampshade, and the outline pops.  Cost= Free


2.  Everything looks better under a dome, and skulls and spiders are no different.  Take any scary items you have (plastic snakes, skulls, spiders, etc.) and place them under a glass dome.  If you don't have a dome already, they are typically easy to find at a thrift store for just a few bucks.  A cake stand and dome would work well too. Cost= A few dollars at most
3.  Cheese cloth is a super cheap alternative to fake spiderwebs.  You can typically get about 6 yards for $5.00.  Dye it with tea and add rips and tears for a frightful look. Cost= $5.00
4.  Trade out your everyday photos for something scary.  Check out this site for lots of free downloads. Cost= Free

5.  A few free sticks from your backyard and a can of black spray paint can become a macabre centerpiece.  Cost= $3.98 for paint

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