Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas (Fortune) Cookies

In an effort to be honest, I must admit that I spent the weekend after Thanksgiving watching The Real Housewives and pinning things on Pinterest!  I did this all guilt-free....as I deserved it after all that cooking and entertaining.  While on Pinterest, I was searching for some cute ornaments that I could DIY.  I found this awesome fortune cookie ornament tutorial created by Alissa on the blog 24-7-365.  Now I am not going to do another tutorial, because frankly I couldn't do a better job than Alissa did.  However, I will tell you the shortcuts I took.

This was a super easy project, but I was able to take it to the next level of laziness by using all felt.  That way I didn't need to worry about fraying or using pinking shears.  I also didn't sew the two circle pieces together (step 3 in tutorial) .  The felt was stiff enough, that it stayed together without sewing around the perimeter.  Finally, I used the old hot glue gun to glue the ribbon hanger in.

So easy to make...and adorable on your tree.

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