Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wine Bottle Remix

I received this bottle of wine from a friend recently.  It is a Sofia 2010 Riesling from Francis Coppola Winery.  Francis Ford Coppola makes wine?  Um...what can this man not do?  First, "The Outsiders" and now this.  I haven't drank it yet (oh don't worry I will), but that is okay because what I really wanted to talk about was the shape of the bottle.  Isn't it pretty.  It has a very gentle curve, not your typical wine bottle.  It's too pretty to recycle, so instead I might try one of these ideas.

Sofia 2010

Cleverly Inspired

Desperate Craftwives
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Home Stores A to Z

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  1. Hope the wine tastes just as good as the bottle looks :)