Monday, October 1, 2012

Quick Change- Kitchen Rug

If you have a few extra minutes this week, I challenge you to make a quick change.  Pick an area of your home, like the mantle or entry table, and mix it up.  It shouldn't cost  much money or take more than 30 minutes.  Are you ready for a quick change?

Target: My old, stained kitchen rug.  I have owned this jute rug for about 4 years.  It has been very practical and useful and I have moved it all around the house.  It has been my kitchen rug for several years, but it has become stained and dirty.  Dropping a jar of spaghetti sauce will do that!

I finally found the Hessum rug that I really liked from IKEA.  It has great texture and warmth.

Have you made any quick changes lately?  Send me your Quick Changes, before/ after pictures and description, to be featured on the blog. Email me at house vintage(at)

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