Thursday, April 11, 2013

Industrial Style Light Tutorial

 Industrial chic is everywhere right now, and I must admit I have a little design crush on this look.  It is such a perfect mix of new and old, rustic and modern.  Today I am turning a salvaged metal cage into an industrial style pendant light.  Let me show you how.

This project began when I found an old and very dirty metal cage at a flea market.  I brought it home for $1 and knew it was the perfect starting point for a new light, after some cleaning of course! Also necessary to this project is a light cord (I usually buy mine from IKEA) and a vintage style light bulb.  The bulb was the most expensive supply. You can typically find them at any hardware store for around $10.

This particular cage opened to accommodate changing the light bulb, but I did need to find a way to keep it closed the rest of the time.  I used a simple fine gauge wire and threaded it through the two openings.  You will want to use a wire that is easy to bend.

Next, screw the light bulb into the cord, and insert the light cord and light bulb into the cage.  Use the wire to tighten the cage around the threaded end of the cord.  Once it is secure, cut off the excess wire.  Be sure to turn the pointy end of the wire under, so there are no sharp edges exposed.

And there you have it....a great vintage looking industrial pendant light.

The only thing left to do, is to find the perfect spot to hang it in your home.  I think I could cuddle up with a good book right here!


  1. Your light looks beautiful, thanks for posting your tutorial! I've got this linked to my pendant lights DIY post too today!