Sunday, July 28, 2013

Clipboard Message Center

This message center has a chalkboard and a cork board, and is so quick and cute.  It is something you will want to try this weekend!

Start with a clipboard.  I'm using a vintage clipboard that I purchased from a flea market a few years ago.  This clipboard is a little longer than the standard size, but any clipboard will work.  I often see them at garage sales for less than a quarter.  Your clipboard doesn't need to be in perfect condition, this is a great project for recycling.

Next, tape off a section of the board, so you can apply chalkboard paint.  Any shape or size will do, just think about how much writing space you will need.

Allow the paint to dry and cure.  Before you remove the tape, use a piece of chalk to season the board so your writing will be erasable.

For the cork board section of the message center, I used a cork trivet.  These can be purchased at any craft store or dollar store.  You can leave the cork trivet a la natural, or cover it.  I searched my scrap pile for a fun fabric to use.  Simply trace the trivet onto the fabric.

Cut out the fabric and glue it onto the cork.  I used hot glue.  Then secure the fabric-covered cork circle to the clipboard.

Now you can keep your family informed and organized with this clipboard message center!

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