Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A is for: Abacus

Lately, the abacus has been on my design radar.  I really like art that in addition to being visually interesting,  also serves a purpose.  Not that I am regularly counting things on an abacus, but the point here is I could, should that need arise!  Abaci (apparently abacuses is also aceptable) are available new and vintage, and at many price points.

My vintage abacus- a score at less than $30.00

This new abacus at CB2 is bright and fresh.

I love using two above a bed.

Ooh- Shiny

An abacus looks wonderful in a nursey, as evident by this photo from Design Indulgence.
Design Indulgence
Here is a great inexpensive option from IKEA.  I think these would look excellent with 6 or more grouped together.


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