Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trending: Animal Busts aka Taxidermy Chic

I grew up in a part of the country, where people would mount animals on their walls.  Now granted, most of the time these animals were trophies of a particularly fruitful hunting trip, and not necessarily a design statement.  Therefore, I am very comfortable with this current trend of ceramic or paper animal heads.  In fact, I kinda like it!  A little sampling of taxidermy chic...

Suzanne Kasler Atelier Antler

My flea market find for $8.00!  Still looking for the proper home for him, perhaps the kitchen?  What do you think?  Do animal parts, ceramic or otherwise, belong on your walls?


  1. I am so jealous! A friend of mine has several hanging in her kitchen & I'm going to start collecting them. I can't believe you got it for $8.00! They are selling for $20-55 on eBay & Etsy! The rabbit is selling for $100+ and I've only seen one for sale.

    I hope when I start looking in antique shops I find one for so little money:)

    1. What a great collection to start! Happy hunting!