Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upcycle: Magnet Board

I have been working on rearranging some decor in my house (as usual!), and finally getting some old family photos framed and up on the walls.  I wanted to incorporate a piece that would allow for a rotating gallery of sorts.  A place I could hang cards, magazine clippings, or anything else that was a current inspiration, but didn't need to be permanently framed.  I considered a cork board or fabric covered memo board, but I wanted to try to recycle something I already had.  Enter an old baking sheet.

A few months ago, in a fit of kitchen organization I pared down some of the old cookie sheets that I rarely use.  However, I didn't rush to get rid of them, hoping instead to repurpose.  Because they are made of metal, they make great magnetic boards.  I started by spray painting the cookie sheet with 3 thin coats of high gloss white spray paint.  I wanted the piece to blend in with my already white frames.  Remember to always spray paint in a well ventilated area.  I usually do all my painting outside.  Also multiple light coats cover better and drip less than one heavy coat.  I also decided that the bottom of the cookie sheet provided the best surface for hanging.

I used a large plate hanger, which can be purchased at any craft store, to hang the magnetic board on the wall.

Use your favorite magnets, or make your own.  Now you can change out your photos or artwork with ease.  Or like me put up a magazine article about your favorite band, The Avett Brothers!

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