Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspire: Romantic Bedroom

Today's Inspiration: House Vintage Rose Applique Pillow

Vintage Rose Applique PillowVintage Rose Applique Pillow
                                                                       Front                                                             Back

Front: Vintage Hankie Applique, New cotton black and pink striped fabric
Back: Same as front
Available: HouseVintage on Etsy

Inspiration Board
Note:  These ideas are just that...ideas.  They are meant to inspire you and are not an endorsement of the product or the store.

  1. Persisk Rug- IKEA $799.00
  2. Calais Chandelier- zGallerie $369.00  
  3. Awake Red Fabric- Warehouse Fabrics Inc.  $29.98 per yd
  4. Braemore Monrovia Cappucino Fabric- Online Fabric Store  $16.30 per yd
  5. Phantom Pillar Holder-  zGallerie  $24.95 
  6. Kettle Victorian Painted Pine Nightstand- Decor Your Home $89.25  
  7. Italian Campaign Canopy Bed- Anthropologie  $1698.00
  8. Red Butterfly Study–  zGallerie  $59.95
  9. Retro Tuxedo Stripe Club Chair- Overstock  $394.99

Interested in having an inspiration board created for your space?  Email me housevintage at 

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