Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Art Update

I like to keep things fresh and interesting at my house by changing out art and accessories from time to time.  I recently acquired a great concert poster from one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers.  I have attended a handful of shows in the past, but was never able to buy one of the limited edition posters.  Well this time I was early enough to procure #81 of 100 posters printed.

I was excited to frame this baby up and find a place to put her.  However, the odd size of the print made finding a frame difficult.  I didn't want to spend the dough on a custom frame, so I went with my old stand-by, the RIBBA frame from IKEA.  The size wasn't right for using the mat, so I just floated the poster in the frame, making sure there was equal distance on each side.  I also secured the poster to the mat using archival tape, so it won't yellow.

Here it is...all done!  A great piece of art, and a great memory.

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