Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Hot Water

There have been a few dramatic before and afters featured on House Vintage, but this is not one of them! A flooded garage last week, told me that the water heater was leaking.  I'm quick like that!  The first order of business was to turn off the water to the heater to stop the leak.  Unfortunately, the valve was broken.  I later learned from my plumber that those values typically give out at about the same time as the unit.  How convenient!  Instead the water to the entire house had to be turned off.

However, the plumber was able to come the next day.  He said most water heaters last about 15-20 years.  My water heater was 22 years old.  So I suppose I can't complain.  And look at this beauty, brand new and rust free.  My plumber also put in a new valve, so next time I can turn off water to the heater, and still have water in the house.  While I am certainly happy to have hot water again, I also realize I am lucky to have access to clean water on a daily basis.  And I try not to take it for granted.

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