Sunday, September 23, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

I have had some great luck the last few weeks at garage and estate sales.   I would like to say that getting up early and waiting in line always pays off, but unfortunately that is not always the case.  However recently the thrifting gods have been smiling down on me.  I just wanted to share two of my recent finds.

I was able to get these two vintage style pendents at a sale for $4.00.  Yes, you read that right, $2 a piece.  They are not vintage, but instead made to look old.  Usually, I'm not as interested in reproductions, but in the case of lights it can be better.  Vintage lights need to be rewired to be safe and up to code, so buying new can sometimes save you money.  I really don't have a place to hang them, and typically my rule for buying for myself is there needs to be a place for things.  But it was such a good deal, that I will store them until I can use them.

This little vintage plastic "piggy" bank was only $1.00.  I just couldn't say no to that smiling face.

How about you?  Any great finds lately?

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