Thursday, February 21, 2013

Camera Collection

Beauty lies in the ordinary in life.  And this mantra often applies to home decor as well.  When utilitarian items are grouped together as a collection, they are elevated from everyday to amazing.  I have seen this in my own home lately with my vintage camera collection.  This collection was an accident.  I never made a conscience choice to start collecting cameras.  It started with this sweet little guy that I purchased back in the fall.  
(By the way, he is for sale on Etsy)
Then it seemed like everywhere I went, there were cameras to buy.  I was powerless.  The universe wanted me to buy vintage cameras.  So I did.  Who am I to argue with the universe?  And now there is this...

Here are some additional collections of beauty...
Hilda Grahnat

Vintage Junky

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