Monday, April 22, 2013

Vintage Puzzle Chalkboard- DIY

In honor of Earth Day, I am sharing a great reuse project.  Vintage wooden puzzles are always something I come across at estate and garage sales.  Sadly, over the years of children playing with them, they often end up missing pieces and incomplete.  Such was the case for this USA map puzzle.

I went ahead and bought this puzzle because I had an idea to upcycle it into a chalkboard.  I began by spraying the entire puzzle with black chalkboard paint.

Using leftover latex paint, I took a small brush and painted around the outside border.  It took two coats to get even coverage.  

A great reuse for a vintage puzzle!

Smart School House


  1. This is amazing!! Great idea!!! I wish I would have saved my kid's wooden puzzles....

    1. Thanks! It's not too late to buy more puzzles...ha!