Monday, May 6, 2013

Organization Idea: Pegboard

A multi-function space requires excellent organization.  Since my craft room also doubles as my guest room, I must ensure that there is adequate storage for all my supplies, and adequate space for guests. Always on the lookout for simple yet smart storage solutions, when I saw a white pegboard for $1, I knew it would be perfect in my craft/ guest room.  Pegboards are great because they provide storage and organization, without taking up square footage.

 This wall as you enter the room didn't serve much purpose, so I decided to put the pegboard here.  However, I needed to remember that this was going to be the first thing people saw as they entered the room.  Because this is where my guests stay, I wanted it to still be inviting.

I picked out some of the crafty supplies that I use frequently.  But also considered materials that were colorful and pretty to look at.

Next, I laid everything out to ensure a nice symmetry and that it would all fit.  Because a pegboard is so flexible, there wasn't a lot of pressure to get everything perfect.  It can always be changed as needed.

Anyone else rockin' a new pegboard?

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