Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspire: Sleeping in Montauk

Today's Inspiration:  Vintage Yellow Cherry Applique Pillow on Etsy

Vintage Yellow Cherry Applique Pillow- No Shipping Fees

Inspiration Board
Note:  These ideas are just that...ideas.  They are meant to inspire you and are not an endorsement of the product or the store.

1.  Andalusia Rug 5x8- West Elm $237.00 
2.  Framed Vintage Sailboat Print- Pottery Barn $349.00
3.  Aluminum Shark's Jaw- zGallerie $29.95
4.  Hastveda Chair- IKEA $49.99
5.  French Nautical Sconce- Restoration Hardware $199.00 each
6.  Steppe Bed- Crate and Barrel $1299.00
7.  Vintage Yellow Cherry Applique Pillow- House Vintage on Etsy $25.00
8.  Wire Storage Basket- Urban Outfitters $39.00 each
9.  Petite Side Table- Urban Outfitters $39.00

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