Friday, August 31, 2012

Here Comes the Sun(room)

I suppose summer is almost officially over with Labor Day just a few days away.  So in an effort to extend summer for as long as possible, I am sharing the next phase of updates that have been made to my sunroom.  I already shared how I created two separate picture walls here.  And you've seen the special space I created for my doggie here.  The next make-over phase involved creating a little reading nook so I could enjoy the view of the backyard.

The changes might look small, but they have certainly made things more functional.  I changed out the rugs in front of the doors, to the Hessum Door mats from IKEA.  I also changed the orientation of my larger rugs  from horizontal to vertical.  I think they fill the long narrow space of the room better.

I added a few accessories (all things I already had) to this old dresser, like some family pictures, a globe, and a lamp.  This dresser used to be in the master.  When a new piece was purchased for the bedroom, I relocated this into the sunroom.  It provides a good amount of storage.

Speaking of storage, this old milk crate is perfect for holding books.  I have had it for awhile now, and was just waiting for a perfect purpose.

The reading nook!  All of this, I already owned.  It was just a matter of bringing it all together.

This camper picture was the only thing I purchased for the makeover.  It was on clearance at HomeGoods, and I couldn't pass it up.  The US map was a flea market purchase, given to me by my momma.  I DIY'd the little chalk board.  You can see how here. The light above was made from a banjo!  Make sure you come back on Monday,  because I am going to share the tutorial for how I made it.      

TDC Before and After

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