Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Heart Sarah

My all time favorite HGTV designer is Sarah Richardson.  I love everything about her.  I want to be her.  Not in a crazy, single white female kind of way, but in a I've got mad respect for ya kind of way.
 Sarah's latest show, Sarah 101, is currently airing in the US.  This week she reno'ed her BFF's kitchen.

Let's break down why I think this room is so beautiful.
  1. The "wow" island-  She recycled old barn boards and installed them in a herringbone pattern.  Great texture and use of found materials.
  2. Accessible cabinets- The cabinets are from IKEA!  I love when big box things look custom.  We all could have this!
  3. Backsplash- Sarah repeats the herringbone pattern with white subway tile.  So classic!
  4. Vintage accessories- Quirky vintage items often make their way into Sarah's designs, like the little scooter hanging on the wall.  
What about you?  Does Sarah do it for you, or are you more of a Genevieve Gorder kind of person?

All of these opinions are solely my own.  I was not paid by Sarah to sing her praises.  In fact, Sarah Richardson doesn't know who I am.  But if she did know me, I'm sure we would be great friends!

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