Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I Bought to Keep

A few weeks ago I blogged about what I didn't buy on my recent trip.  Now I want to share a few things I bought for myself.  It is impossible to shop all of those flea markets and garage sales and not get a few treasures to keep, maybe not forever, but for now.

Surprise, surprise...another gobe.  This one is so beautiful and vibrant.  I couldn't pass up the color.

 I found this little ceramic planter half buried under a stone bench.  I got it for a steal, and plan to plant some succulents in it.

Finally, this little deer salt shaker.  He was so lonely without his pepper partner that I had to bring him home with me.  What a sweet little face.  Perhaps I am beginning a deer collection?
So what about you? Found any great flea market finds lately?

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