Thursday, November 15, 2012

Room of the Toilet- Part 2

I am back with Part 2 of the water closet update (Part 1 can be viewed here).  Today we will discuss my wishlist and budget.

My wishlist for this area:

  1. New art work/ focal point- I am open to painting, stenciling, or using art to create a focal point.
  2. Storage- There isn't really a storage issue in this area, as a large linen closet is located in the main bathroom.  However, storage for small things, like toilet paper, would be nice.  
  3. Budget- The budget is tight!  I would really like to re-use things I already have.  I hope not to spend much money at all.  I have a fair amount of left over decor accumulating in a spare closet and I would like to challenge myself to use it.
So there it is...a loose plan to get me motivated to begin.  What about you, any small updates planned in your pad?

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