Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another DIY Art Project

I have another great art project to share with you today.  It is quick, cheap, and sentimental...all my favorite things about a DIY art project.

Start with a shadow box frame.  This is the Ribba frame from Ikea, and costs $9.99.

Next, choose a special item to frame.  I decided on a cork from the bottle of champagne that I drank with my man on the night we got engaged.  I like the color and texture of this memento.  You could also use a ticket stub from a favorite concert, the boutonniere from your wedding, your baby's hospital bracelet...the options are endless.  As long as it is a special item to you, it will be perfect for this project.  

The final step is to attach the item to a piece of cardboard with hot glue.  If you don't want to put glue on your item, you could also use a map pin to hold it in place.  Let the glue dry, put the frame back together and you are done.

This would also make a great handmade gift!


  1. great idea!

    visiting you from the etsy vintage bloggers team! excited to follow!

    happy holidays!