Monday, January 7, 2013

Potted Planting- The Basics

Do you have a green thumb?  I don't...but I wish that I did.  I wish I liked gardening, and weeding, and remembering to water my plants.  So a budding (pun intended) horticulturist I am not.  But I am good at picking out cute planters, like this vintage one I found outside an antique store.  
It always seems like so many of the vintage planners don't have drainage holes in the bottom of them.  Whenever I have used this type of pot in the past, my plants never seemed to last long.

So this time I consulted an expert.  My good 'ole Dad.  He is basically a plant expert, so I picked his brain on how to pot a plant without adequate drainage.  

He outlined the 3 basic items you need to keep your plant happy and healthy.  And now I will share this information with you!

Start with a layer of rocks, any rocks will do.  Small pea gravel, river rocks, or landscaping stones will work.  If the rocks fit into your pot, use them.  The purpose of the rocks, is to provide drainage. 
Next, a layer of potting soil. 
Finally, add your plant, and water as needed.

Adding a simple layer of rocks will ensure that your plant will remain alive for a long time.  

Any green thumbs out there?  Share your tips in the comments.

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  1. I am no green thumb but that totally makes sense to put rocks at the bottom first. Plus it looks gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing at the Pretty Things Party!

    xoxo, Tanya

    1. Thanks Tanya. It is so simple...right?