Thursday, March 29, 2012

Word Art- DIY Tutorial

Typography, word art, and subway art is a trend that I am glad to see is popular right now, because it is really easy to DIY!  I needed a large piece of art for above the couch in the family room, and of course I was on a budget.  So I was excited to try my hand at creating some word art of my own.

Word Art Tutorial
 I started with a leftover piece of mdf.  I was hoarding storing it in our extra room, and needed to clear out some things to install the board and batten.  I sprayed the mdf with a bright red high gloss spray paint.  It took many thin coats to get the maximum coverage.  The mdf is like a sponge, and really soaked up the layers of paint.

Next, I had to think about what words or letters to use.  I wanted something that had meaning or was personalized to my family.  After some deliberation (and input from others), I chose a song lyric from one of our favorite bands, Old Crow Medicine Crow.  Using a word processing program and printer, I typed up the lyrics, printed, and cut them.  I was then able to make my own stencils.  Make sure that your text is as level and evenly spaced as possible.  But don't worry too much, it's supposed to look homemade and folksy- well at least that is what I told myself!

I used some leftover white semi-gloss paint, and a regular paintbrush.  I loaded a small amount of paint onto the brush and dragged it across the stencil.  

To finish the piece, I used some sandpaper to scruff up the letters and give them a weathered appearance.

Hanging the piece was rather easy.  I used the biggest bit I had to drill 2 holes into the top of the painted sign.  I then purchased 6 feet of nylon cord from the hardware store.  A simple knot secured the cord to the sign, and then the whole thing was hung on a nail that was secured into a stud.  It is pretty heavy, so I would suggest making sure you use the proper hardware for your wall surface.

Budget Breakdown:
Mdf- Free (leftover from previous project)
Red Spray Paint- $3.47
Paint/ supplies- Free (leftover from previous project)
Nylon cord- $2.49
Total- $5.96

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