Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Evolution of a Room- Family Room

My house is constantly changing and evolving. I like to move accessories and furniture from one room to another as a form of free decorating.  I also feel that the best rooms are ones where items are collected over time.  As a result it sometimes takes a few tries to find the perfect spot in your home for something you love.  I hadn't done much to my family room, besides moving in the furniture that we already had. It was finally time to put a little love into this room. Let's take a look at what the room looked like when we bought the house.

 The previous owner used the space as a eating space, because it is right off the kitchen. But the space is more useful as a TV/family space for us. We have a formal dining room and a breakfast bar, and honesty we eat most of our meals in front of the TV anyway!

Here is the in-between...getting close, but not quite right yet.  The rug and TV console were new purchases,  but the tables are cheap pieces that I bought just to have a coffee table.  The lamp is a little small for the room, and the art was on loan from a friend.  

And the final version of the room.  I basically bought the new coffee table, and shopped my house to find the rest of the accessories.  

The room has a brighter feel, and the pops of red give it lots of energy.  All of the items were collected over time, and were not necessary intended for this space.  However, they feel right in this room. 

Accessory Breakdown:
  1. Garden Stool- HomeGoods
  2. Pillows- Handmade by me, using IKEA fabric and outdoor fabric for easy cleaning
  3. DIY art
  4. Lamp- HomeGoods
  5. Damask Curtains- Target (I bought these is 2008)
  6. Avett Brothers Art
  7. Pillow- Handmade by me with vintage fabric
  8. Strind Table- Ikea topped with books, vintage globe bank and vintage upcycled caddy 
  9. Rug- IKEA
  10. Lantern- IKEA (I bought this around the Holidays to use as a centerpiece)

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