Thursday, October 11, 2012

Map Quest

My obsession with maps is one that I have been living with for awhile now.  And frankly it shows no signs of improving.  Some may think that after a post like this, I got it all out of my system.  But those people are wrong...I love maps.  I have been on a quest, a map quest if you will (hehe), to find a vintage school map.  I was originally going to hang it in my family room.  But after a few close losses on eBay, I gave up and DIY'd some word art.  But as luck would have it, after I stopped looking for one, it fell in my lap.

Now to find a spot for it.  I decided, that I could be persuaded to remove the embroidery hoop art in the dining room.

And I am quite happy with the result.  The map has great color and vintage appeal.  And it just makes me smile when I look at it.

It proved to be mildly difficult to hang.  It had been rolled up for a number of years and was stubbornly staying that way.  But that was righted after a few days lying flat with some books on top of it.  I also concluded  after wandering the isles of the home improvement store, that the best hardware to hang this map way a $1 plastic circle fitting.  I don't even know what it's original use is.  But it fit around the rod of the map and had a hole for the screw that I drilled directly into the wall.

What about you...are you on a quest for any elusive home decor lately?

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