Monday, March 25, 2013

Tile Mirror Upgrade

This is my bathroom mirror, well my old bathroom mirror.  I have never really liked it.  It came as a matched set with the vanity that was purchased when the bathroom was remodeled.  It got hung up because it was what was around.  Ever since then I have looked for something to replace it.  I have tried a couple of other mirrors over the years and none of them worked.  Some were too big, some too small.

I finally decided to stop looking for something new, and instead to work with what I had.  Here is what I started with.

Before I made anything permanent with glue, I laid out the tile to see how it would fit.  I turned the tiles and worked with them until I could get everything to fit without cutting.  I decided to add a
 little detail on each of the four corners.

A thin bead of construction adhesive held the tile in place.

After a few hours drying time it was ready to re-hang.

A great upgrade that didn't cost a thing!

Have you been working with what you have?  Or upgrading anything that has been bothering you lately?

TDC Before and After


  1. I love it! it almost looks a little like bamboo. Please share this on my linky party, if you get a chance:

    1. Thanks for linking up :) Hope you have a great day.

  2. Super creative way to finish off the corners of the mirror! I love the design! :)