Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Estate Sale Finds- Dollar Edition

It's that time again...where I share the stuff I found while thrifting. Today's items come from both estate sales and flea markets, but no item cost more that $1.  Let's take a look shall we...

First up is a little birdie salt/pepper shaker that is made to rest on the lip of a bowl. I guess there are occasions when you need easy access to your seasonings.  This little cutie only cost $1 from the flea market.

I purchased this puppy s&p shaker from the same dealer as the birdie. They were next to each other on  the table and seemed like friends, so I bought them both.  He was $1 too.

 I found these vintage mid-century table legs at an estate sale in the garage.  They are a little worn, but could be refinished with paint or stain. I always buy vintage hardware or table legs when I find them, because they are such versatile pieces.  Another buck...are you sensing a theme?

Finally this jadeite bowl.  At least I think it is jadeite.  It isn't marked, so it might not be authentic.  However the estate sale that I purchased it from also had other pieces of vintage glassware, so it is a possibility.  I only spent a quarter for it, so if it isn't the real thing I am ok with it. The color is fabulous.

What thrifty finds have you seen lately?  Any items for only a dollar?

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  1. I loveeee those adorable little salt and pepper shakers. I can't believe the one perches on the side of a sweet!!

    And those are some gorgeous legs. What great finds! :)