Monday, April 29, 2013

Estate Sale Finds- Randomness

Warmer weather means more opportunities to snag some thrifty treasures.  Today's collection of finds is quite a random mix of things, acquired over the last few months.  If you are a long-time reader, you might think I have a thing for deer.  It is true that I have featured a few deer on the blog.  But I bought this piece because it is cute (of course) but also because it is mint in the package.  These cardboard wall hangings are from the 1950-60s, and this one is in great condition.  Would be pretty cute in a nursery.

Another piece from the past....a vintage radio.  This radio has nice color and texture. And it looks like the Mercedes logo is on the front.  I wonder if there is any connection...I might have to research this.

These old fans are so neat, and I always wanted to own one myself.  This one came from an estate sale.    It is inoperable.  The cage is bent, so the fan blades don't turn.  But I like it for display.

What have you found share! 

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  1. You always find the neatest things! Love the fan and radio!