Monday, January 21, 2013

Room of the Toilet- Finale

The updates to the water closet are done!  For such a small project, it certainly took awhile to complete. If you need a refresher, see Part 1  Part 2.

When last we spoke the room looked like this and I wasn't really looking to spend much money to change it.

But it needed a fresh look.  The old almond/ off white toilet was replaced about a year ago with a new white, dual flusher...fancy!  Then it was time to clear out the room.

I decided to find a more attractive place to store the plunger.  I moved it to the garage, which seems a little more appropriate.  To keep costs down, I shopped my house for things I already had.  

In order to get the spacing right, I placed the top most item and the bottom item first.  I used Command strips to secure the old wooden box to the wall, thus creating a shelf.  The box is light, and I knew I wasn't going to put heavy items on the shelf.  But if you plan on displaying heavy things you may want to reinforce the shelf with some screws.  This wooden box turned shelf, adds a little storage and a nice rustic touch.  Then I filled in the gap with 2 picture frames.

I didn't buy anything new for this project, but here is where everything came from originally.

1.  Small mirror- thrifted 
4.  Wooden box- thrifted

I am happy with the results, and glad this little upgrade is done!

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  1. Very cool vignette. That box is awesome and I really like the little round mirror with everything else.

  2. Don't you love how updating the little spots in your home makes such a difference? :) Thanks for linking up!